Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Hair Challenge: Days 7-9

Hey Girls! I hope you're having an awesome summer so far! I am sorry I haven't had any time to post these pictures during the last couple of days, but here they are now, so enjoy!
Have an amazing day!

 Day 7:
This is the hairstyle I did on Friday. It is a simple ponytail with a rope braid. It is a super quick hairstyle that takes only a minute. seriously!
1.  To start, gather your hair into a ponytail somewhere on your head (this can be the middle, side, top, anywhere).
2. Separate your hair into two sections and twist them both (but not together) in the same direction. 
3. twist the two sections together in the opposite direction you were twisting them in before.
 Day 8:
This is the hairstyle I did yesterday, I had to wake up super early again, so this hairstyle is one that won't take very long to do. It once again uses a ponytail as its base. 
 1. Gather your hair into a ponytail at an area somewhere on your head.
2. Separate your hair into three sections and use them to create a simple three strand braid and secure with a small elastic.
3. Wrap your braid around the base of the ponytail.
4. Secure with bobby pins.

 Day 9:
This is a hairstyle I found recently by the same hairstyle guru as one of my hairstyle's I posted on here before. (LetsMakeitUp1)
It's the ponytail that Blake Lively wore a while ago and I thought It was really cute. 
I love the way she explains this, so you just have to watch her video because I can't even try to explain it by typing the words.

Here it is!: ~~~~~~~~~~~>  Link 

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