Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Hair Challenge: Days 3-5

Hey Girls, Sorry I haven't posted any videos or pictures, I have been trying to work through the technical difficulties, and so far all I have gotten to work is the camera. So I am going to post the pictures from the days you missed so that you can see what I did. They aren't very fancy because I have had to wake up and get going early in the morning lately, so hopefully they don't need a super long description. I am continuing to try to fix my video camera and I will post a video as soon as I get it working again! Until then I will post pictures with descriptions.
Have a great day!

 These three pictures are what I wore to work, It's a simple hairstyle with a Baseball hat, and a pony tail with two different types of braids. One is a simple three strand braid, and the other is a braid that I kind of made up when I was first trying to figure out the fishtail braid last year. 

 *Fancy Non-Fishtail Braid Steps:
1. Take your hair and separate into two sections.
2. Take a small section from the underside of each section and cross them over each other in the middle. Do NOT add them to the opposite section!
3. Take a small section from the larger section that had hair crossed over it's section. Then add it to make the beginning of a simple braid.
4. Treat the braid in the middle like a french braid, adding hair as you braid.
5. Secure with a small elastic band.
6. Show off your fabulous style!
 These two pictures on the right are of a ponytail I did yesterday.  They are easy to understand with practice, and they add a pretty flare to a simple ponytail.
1. French Braid the top half of your hair and braid normally for a few inches. Secure with an elastic.
2. Upside down french braid your hair (easiest done when your head is parallel to the floor or hair is upside down) until you use the rest of the hair.
3. Then gather the two sections and put them in a large hair-binder.
4. Take out the small elastic that was holding the top section.
 The two pictures on the Left are pictures of the hairstyle I have today. This hairstyle is done by doing a french braid. But you don't add in hair every time, you skip a section every other time you are supposed to add hair.

1. Do the braid while making sure it stays close to the front of your head.
2. Braid normally a few inches and secure with a small elastic band
3. Secure all hair over to one side of your head using a large hair-binder.
4. Remove the small elastic

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