Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Hair Challenge: Days 18-21

Hey Girls! I hope you had a great week! This week, I did a couple of simple hairstyles, a "no hairstyle day", and a day that I had a long time to work on my hair, so I had curly hair! I hope you like these hairstyles! Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send in requests and comments!!! I need to know how I am doing, even if you don't like my blog, just let me know how I can improve it! Thanks!

Have a great day!

 Day 18
This was my "No Hairstyle"- Hairstyle Day. So basically all I did was just wash my hair and put in the normal products I use. My hair is naturally straight, so I don't use any straightening products. 

Products I use for everyday-hairstyles:
1. Herbal Essences: "Hydralicious" Featherweight Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Paul Mitchell:  "The Conditioner" (leave in conditioner)
3. Fantastic Style: Nourishing Serum
4. Herbal Essences: "Set Me Up" Mousse

 Day 20
This is a fun hairstyle that I did when I had over an hour to do my hair. The reason it took me so long to do was because my hair is super long. It takes a long time to do anything with my hair that involves heat.

1. Using a cone shaped curling iron (heated to 410 degrees), wrap large sections of hair around the barrel of the iron, and hold for a few seconds until you get loose waves. Do this for all of your hair.
2. Take smaller sections (even though you've already curled it) and wrap them around the smaller part of the barrel at different spots on your hair. Do this for the top layer, but make 
                                                               sure it is random, so it doesn't look uniform and 
                                                                 3. Also, when you curl the front sections of your 
                                                                 hair, make sure that you curl your hair away 
                                                                 from your face.

Day 18
This is a quick hairstyle, that takes a little bit of time, but it is great for summer because this hairstyle keeps your hair off your face and your neck. A way to alter this hairstyle is to mush the braids together once they meet up and braid them together.
 1. Start french braiding from just in front of your ear on the right side of your head. Make sure you pull the braid toward the back of your head the whole time so you don't get a chicken head! :)
2. Continue the braid diagonally until you reach the bottom of the opposite side of your head and braid normally for a couple of inches. Secure the braid so it doesn't unravel while you do the other braid.
3. Start at the parting on the left side of your hair, and french braid the rest of your hair until you run out of hair to add to the braid (by this time you should be next to the first braid you made.
4. Pull the two braids together and secure with a large elastic that is similar to your hair color.

 Day 21
This is the hairstyle I did today. It doesn't take much time It is basically made out of four braids that are super stretched out.

1. Section off the hair that is two inches back from the front of your face. Secure the hair that is not in the section into a ponytail for the time being.
2. Separate both of the sections (one on each side of your face) into two more. Now you should have four sections, with two on each side of your face.
3. Braid all of the sections about half way down and secure with small elastics.
4. Pull down the small elastic about an inch and use that extra 
                                         hair to loosen and widen the braids.
                                         5. Take the ponytail out, and bring all of the braids to the back of 
                                           your head, and secure with another small elastic.
                                           6. Remove the other small elastics you had in your hair.

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