Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Hair Challenge: Days 10-12

Hey Girls! I hope you've had an awesome summer so far! I have the last three days of the Summer Hair Challenge here, so check them out! I had a little extra time to do my hair this morning so it's one that you could wear on a day you feel like doing something a little more fancy with your hair. The other two are great too because you can dress them up or down, and they don't take much time at all! 
Have an awesome day!

Day 10: 
 This is a simple french braid that I talked about in my first video, the only difference about this french braid and any other french braid is that on the right I took the hair from in front of my ear and made it into a four strand braid, and then I added it into the french braid along with the rest of the hair I needed to add in.

1. Take the hair from in front of your hair on one side of your head and braid it in a four strand braid. Make sure you are pulling the hair toward the middle of the back of your head or you'll get a weird pouf when you add it in. (Leave out until you are told to add it in later.)
2.  French braid your hair starting at the crown of your head. ( for those of you who don't know how to french braid, it is simple, just start out with three strands like a regular braid, and then add in hair to the section every time you cross over the middle section.)
3. When you get to the area where the four strand 
braid seems like it should enter into the braid, add it  with the 
                                             rest of the hair you would add into the braid.
                                             4. Braid normally until you get to the base of your 
                                             head, and secure with a small elastic.

 Day 11: 
This is an awesome hairstyle that saved me from showing how my ears looked like a pair of lobsters. Doing a low side ponytail is a great way to save your ears from getting sun-burned, or if they are already sun-burned, then you can use it to cover up your poor ears. You can also dress this hairstyle up like I did in the picture by adding flowers.

1. Gather hair to one side of your head
2. Secure with a hair binder. (you can add flowers too.)

 Day 12: 
This is a semi-fancy hairstyle that doesn't take very long, but looks great when you're done!
This uses the four strand braid that is the same as the one I had in Day 10. Except I added more hair into the braid. To add to the semi-messy effect I didn't make a straight part for the braid. If you wanted to make this more of a formal bun you could spend more time making the bun more smooth and make the part straight.

1. Section off the hair from somewhere behind your ear, but not past the crown of your head. Braid that section into a four strand braid.
2. Gather your hair into a (you guessed it) pony tail at the top/middle of your head.
3. Section out the longest part of your ponytail and braid it into a three strand braid.
4. Section out another piece about as thick as the braid you just made.  
5. Separate into two sections and use those as two parts of a three strand braid. Braid the braid with the two smaller sections. Secure with a small elastic.
6. Twist the hair in your ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
7. Wrap the braid that was separated from the ponytail around the base of the bun.
8. Take the four strand braid and wrap it around the bun pulling across the back of the head underneath the bun first.

You have to accept whatever comes along and the only important thing is that you meet it with  the best you have to give.
~Elanor Roosevelt

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